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Tutorials and Study Guides

The Pharmacy Coach study guides are crafted from the very latest practice guidelines.

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Get an expert set of eyes on your professional school application by a seasoned faculty member in PharmD, MSN, and PA schools.

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Who needs a coach?

Pharmacotherapy guidelines are always changing. As the number of medications prescribed grows, providing safe care is becoming more complex. You must develop a strong foundation of pharmacology that will grow with you as your career advances.

Pharmacy Students

With over 20 years of experience as a pharmacist, I know what it takes to succeed. Our profession is changing, and you have to be able to change and grow with it. I’ve spent years as a faculty member in an accredited PharmD program, so I know exactly what schools require in applicants.

Nursing Students

Nurses are on the front line of medication administration, so it is critical you master pharmacology. If you’re advancing your career in an MSN program, I will get you practice-ready. The Medication knowledge needed by nurses is different that pharmacists. I’ve spent years teaching MSN-FNP students to be valuable members of the healthcare team. 

Physician Assistant Students

You have chosen one of the fastest-growing healthcare professions, and you’ll need to master pharmacology to stand out. PA programs are intense and fast-paced! I teach PA students how to get practice-ready for clinicals and beyond. 

About Me

I’ve been a pharmacist for over 20 years, and I’ve worked in many different settings. I love working with healthcare students to help you feel confident in managing your patients’ medications. My goal is to help you be a safe and efficient clinician. 


Study Guides

Download 1-2 page study guides to get you ready for your next exam, and watch the latest tutorial on YouTube.

Interactive Courses

Take a deep dive into managing medications in our growing list of interactive courses.

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