Dr. Amber Cann

Pharmacist | Educator | Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Amber!  If you’re a student in a pharmacy, physician assistant, or nursing program, I will help you master pharmacology!

My Story

I earned my doctorate in pharmacy in 2000 from the University of Kentucky. I started my career in a small community hospital in South Central Kentucky. I also worked as a compounding pharmacist and a community (retail) pharmacist for a time, too.

After a few moves to various areas of the Commonwealth, I landed in a non-traditional pharmacy career. My comfort with technology opened doors in the fairly new field of healthcare informatics. Along the way, I completed my master’s degree in business administration from the University of Louisville.  I loved working with physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other pharmacists to help large hospital systems develop electronic health records.

In 2013, I pivoted to a life in academia. I was a member of the faculty at Sullivan University College  of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.  While there, I served as director of the only academic drug information center in the state, as well as director of academic informatics.  

Now, in my twentieth year as a pharmacist, I expanded my career goals yet again. I started my own clinical practice, an appointment-based model where I help patients with chronic illness and complex medication issues. I specialize in pharmacogenomics consultations, and I am one of the few pharmacists in the region to have a certification in that field from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

Traditional healthcare roles are changing, and I encourage my students to strive for innovative ways to care for patients. I’ve spent years practicing at the top of my training, and it is my goal to train the next generation of clinicians to do the same.


At a Glance

I live with a bunch of animals

I share my life with my husband, Adam (a nurse) and my three bonus kids, Coleman (college-bound), Katie (high school), and Bennett (middle school). We also have five dogs, one gerbil, and four toads.

I'm a fourth-generation beekeeper

I find beekeeping a meditative hobby, and I’ve managed wrangle my hubby into it, too. As a scientist, I am fascinated by the collective functioning of the hive. I don’t sell my honey – I give it back to the bees in the winter!

I love teaching and innovative patient care

I currently teach health sciences at two different universities.  And, I have my own private practice, focusing on women’s health and pharmacogenomics.

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